The White Object

I did this Artworks with the purpose to don't use colors, just design shapes, geometry, light, and shadows. In this Artworks I put the focus on the flower, the structure is hidden and you can see just a little part. The roots are always present but now are visible and detached from the floor, my flowers started to floating in an empty space, the ground and the wall are present in this composition because they help me to define the shadows. The focus is on the blooming as well.








The Blossom,
and the crown

In this Artworks you can see that the biggest part of the composition is represented by the flower, the 3D geometry of the petals is bulky like an organism, they lose their lightness. The artwork is centered and symmetric to show the disposition of the petals crowns. The structure is completely black and gives help to better define the flower. It is finally blossoming. Around the flower there is another lighter structure in black, this structure is helping the crowns to stay up and hold the position


and composition

The white tone and the shadows have helped me to do this exploration, I analyze every single part and I tried to balance the entire Artwork, with the V-Ray I gave more structure to the render and it is fleshy and deep.