The Grey Object

With the Grey Object, I start to animate my 3D models. Finally, I want to see them move in an empty space. For the background and the leaf I used a kind of green/grey color, the structures and the spine are deep blacks. The flower is red because I want to highlight this part and see it popping up from the rest of the composition in the rendering








leaves and flower

I love the contrast between the mechanical and architectural elements and the slight design elements. As you can see the mechanical elements are totally black and the design ones are colored. This color code gives huge weight to the structure and lightweight to the design elements even if the structure is too thin. The flower is the main part of the composition in the rendering, so is totally red, It was built with a basic metallic design, to give contrast with the design of the leaves.


in wireframe style render

This is the first time I animate my artworks, I see them like this, floating in an empty space. There is no water, no air but they breathe and try to equilibrate them selfs. The animation training is at the beginning so this is just a simple movement.