The Blue Object

Sebastian started again! This is the first Artwork after a pause of years, this artwork is an abstract of all of the knowledge such as Photography, 3D Modelling, Design, Illustration, Colours, and Flowers. Why I like so much the flowers, plant, and blossom; I really don't know maybe because my mother let me grow up in a house full of flowers inside and outside.








The floor
and the background

I love floors and their ornaments, this floor is from Pompei, I took this photo a long time ago. In this composition, the floor is related to my Italian roots, a bit destroyed by the three it is growing from the center, another photo I took in Syracuse in a field of secular Olives threes. The direction of the three, of course, is to the top and it describes my life until the university, the flowers and the blossoms describe my study in the design field. The vegetation on the background is a photo I took on the Etna Volcano, it is strange to see this little green spot on the black terrain from this mountain.