The Purple Object

The Purple Object is the fourth project, in this Artworks I wanted to amplify the structure with more details. The roots are disappearing into a bulb and the hooks, to maintain the leaves, are more visible and I add an axis to each flower. The structure is more complex and I use two flowers with two different spines. I wanted to add more movement to the Purple Object and a complex animation for the flower itself.








The huge

With this huge flower, I wanted to highlight the complex petals crowns. The animation is the key, I wanted to emphasize the global shape when he is open and closed to show the blossom. He is moving like an organism, it is breathing, it is floating in an empty space. Is it a flower? Is it an organism? I want to create something new, like weird automation without artificial intelligence behind.


The geometry
and the NURBS

In this project, I put more attention for every single element. Previously I started with the loft NURBS, but the final geometrical shape was impure, all the elements you see in the Purple Object are generated from native shapes such as a cube, sphere, and cylinder. When the model is finalized I add more detail with an HYPERNURBS object. Each single petals is connected with the other one and with the structural support, to have a real movement during the animation.