The Green Object

The Green Object represents an abstract of the previous works, in this animated render I wanted to amplify the colors and I add a new thing: the smoke. In this Artworks the flowers are three with different phases of blossoming. The opening and closing movements are complex and definite, the petals took a different position in those phases. The environment is always empty but I wanted to add gravity with the smoke.








leaves and blossom

In the Green Object, I didn't want to put leaves, there are just a few of them under the flower, I wanted the composition to breathe more, giving space to smoke and flowers. The flowers are little compared to the previous one, I tried to equilibrate the composition between all the parts. With this animation, I wanted to show the structure inside the flowers, and the perfect opening and closing process, this simulates exactly the mechanics component when they are close, with the geometrical shapes that fit in the final closing position.


in wirefame style render

These orthogonal renderings, give us a good vision of the petals movements. With this style of rendering, we can see the geometry of each flower. The top view seems an animated mandala. The spine is only one and the roots disappear from the composition.