The Yellow Object

The Yellow Object is the first Artwork I made with Blender, I wanted to change the platform and move to an open-source one. It is really great and powerful. The flower is more organic and smooth, and the leaves are more detailed. With this Artwork, I tried to give the same weight to the flowers, the structure, and the leaves. The emotions are like an old fashion object, because of the gold and the desaturated green of the leaves. The Artwork contains different flower and plant, it is a mix of style and botanical-mechanical elements.








and depth of field

With this new Artwork, I push all of my pieces of knowledge to my next level. With the software is simple to manage the color, light, material, and camera. The petals are made with glossy material, that seams gold but is not gold at all, the leaves have a matte material, with an interesting texture full of vein and displacement, the contraposition between this two elements gave a good depth to the composition. I wanted to amplify this depth with the depth of field effect did with the camera, this effect amplifies the images of the details of my Artworks.


the smoke and the elements

The animation shows The Yellow Object in an empty space, he is floating and moving and when he is breathing he puts out the smoke, full of feeling and magic dust, the color of the smoke is really pumped because of the energy he has inside, in fact, he changes the color in the end. I add some elements with After Effect to empathize the black elements, this was an experiments. This is the last work in the field of The Object (maybe), the next Artwork will be in a new environment.