The Full Yellow Object

61 x 91 cm

High-resolution print on aluminum support

I have always been fascinated by the urban decay of the metropolis. The pollution, the dirt, the garbage. Desaturated colors and waxes that contrast with shapes with more intense and bright colors, the contrast of technology with our society. Man tries to perfect the environment and himself with organic and mechanical superfetations. The fascination of technology that seeks to reproduce the beauty of nature, which blossoms by returning a radioactive, purifying smoke. The gold color represents the fascination of progress and a classicism now past, as well as the soft leaves together from metal structures dyed black. In the background, I illustrated the action of man, his artifacts that support this automatic organism (flower/automa) that tries to express its beauty floating among the sterile clouds bleached by bleach. The Still Life that machines ardently try to revive, with respirators and water pumps that struggle to move forward showing a synthetic beauty. Nature continues to feed the earth by defecating pollen on the environment below.